Rehoboth Beach showcases new additions to lifeguard patrol

Rehoboth Beach added 14 new physically fit and capable members to its Beach Patrol this summer.
Rehoboth Beach added 14 new physically fit and capable members to its Beach Patrol this summer.

As regular readers know, Rehoboth Beach is a nationally renowned location, for the quality of both its lifestyle and its beaches. But it takes a concerted effort to maintain this standard of living here, and this is partly owed to the efforts of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol, the town's dedicated team of qualified and capable lifeguards. Every summer, Rehoboth conducts a series of competitions to not only test the mettle of new Beach Patrol recruits but also crown one of the newcomers as Rookie of the Year. This year's test saw more than a dozen fresh-faced lifeguards pass with flying colors.

The event began on July 7, with a "run-swim-run" contest in the morning followed by a one mile swim in the afternoon. As the Cape Gazette reports, Ryan Kozel claimed victory in the former and Brittany Luzik took gold in the latter.

The competition continued into July 8, beginning with Connor Lingo's win in the 800-meter race, Kozel's repeat in the 200 meter "Soft Sand Sprint," and Lauren Fura taking first in the push-up challenge. But when the more physical events ended, the tricker ones began, including timed underwater breathing and ocean rescue simulations to fill out the rest of the games. 

At the close of the two-day endurance competition, the Rehoboth Beach Patrol inducted 14 new members, and honored Lingo – a local from Milford, Delaware – as the 2013 Rookie of the Year, a prize that comes with both bragging rights and a paid day off. 

Safety is of the utmost priority for beach​-goers in Rehoboth, and the physically proven Beach Patrol helps ensure that. If you'd like to see for yourself and become a part of this community, speak with a Rehoboth Beach realtor today about one of the many incredible housing opportunities now available.


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