Rehoboth a vacation hotspot for dogs too

Rehoboth Beach is a prime vacation destination for both dogs and dog-owners alike.
Rehoboth Beach is a prime vacation destination for both dogs and dog-owners alike.

Rehoboth Beach has long been recognized for its pristine beaches and easy summertime living. Between the boardwalk, good food, great surf and wealth of attractions, Rehoboth is a prime vacation hotspot for anyone. But it also makes for a great getaway for dogs too.

Although dogs are prohibited from both the beach and boardwalk between May 1 and September 30, there are still an abundance of dog-friendly amenities available in town, the Huffington Post writes. Several of Rehoboth's esteemed restaurants allow dog-owners to keep their pets with them while eating at outdoor tables, and shop owners frequently lay out bowls of water by their door for thirsty pups to drink from. Some places will even go beyond this: Hobos on Baltimore Avenue serves bowls of organic chicken and rice for dogs, while Critter Beach on Rehoboth Avenue will place frosted cookies outside of its shop for canines to snack on.

Unlike other towns, where the only dog-friendly lodging is usually of lower quality, Rehoboth features a lot of high-end accommodations for pet owners. The Bewitched & BEDazzled B&B – modeled after the TV show "Bewitched" – offers clean and quality hospitality for travelers with dogs. The inclusion of patio gates means you can let your little buddy roam around the room without having to worry about it wandering off the property.

If you want to stretch your legs and take your dog on a scenic walk, hit Gordon's Pond in Cape Henlopen State Park for a nice alternative to the beach.

Just as visitors and residents wants to do more than tan and swim in the summer, there's plenty for both dogs and dog-owners to do here that doesn't require the beach or boardwalk. For more information on why life in Rehoboth is a great fit for your family's needs, speak with a Rehoboth Beach realtor today.


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