Proposed City Hall design still awaits consensus

Rehoboth Beach commissioners are meeting to discuss a planned upgrade to City Hall.
Rehoboth Beach commissioners are meeting to discuss a planned upgrade to City Hall.

Rehoboth Beach government officials plan to meet Monday, June 10, to discuss – and attempt to reach a consensus on – the planned $15 million upgrade to City Hall. Mayor Sam Cooper, also the chairman for the City Hall Complex Master Plan Task Force, is hoping the workshop will result in an agreement made by city commissioners in approving and moving forward on a new building design.

A decision was expected to be made at the previous commissioners' meeting on May 17, but plans were tabled when the group could not vote unanimously. The chief issue among the discussions was whether or not all government departments should be housed in one building.

A tentative plan drawn up the engineering firm EDiS would entail demolishing the current City Hall and replacing it with a new building that would incorporate all departments, including the building and licensing and information technology divisions, which currently have their own separate facilities. City Manager Greg Ferrese has made clear his desire to have all city departments under one roof in order to better improve communication, the Cape Gazette reports.

But some, like Commissioner Bill Sargent, are worried by the idea of having everyone share the same building.

"I'm very concerned that if we try to get everything in one building, we'll end up with something that is not as good," said Sargent.

Others, like Commissioner Stan Mills, are reticent that the police department will not have their own separate building.

But in spite of a few snags that are thus far preventing a unanimous approval, officials are generally positive in moving forward.

"I happen to think the concept we have on the table has the most pluses and the least minuses," said a hopeful Mayor Cooper.

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